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Welcome to the Sith Empire!
[Image: sithcronFINAL.png]
Welcome to the Sith Empire!

We are the remnant that remains behind from the Great exodus that the many have taken from Korriban. Deserted, forgotten, whatever the reason be
we remain. Warriors, sorcerers, assassins, soldiers and dark jedi all bound by a singular goal. Destruction of the Jedi. They who would dare fight against the darkside of the force.
They were the ones to strike first. Bringing a fantasia of ridicule and death apon the Sith. 

We will have our revenge. For our time has come to once again un-grasp restraint and exercise raw power.
Embrace our ranks, our very conquest to bring an end to the Jedi and all those who stand with them. 

Will you stand with us or against us? 
[Image: 3JTPjWJ.png]

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