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[Image: 4UCjFsu.png?1]

Picture Credit: Will Johnson

Item Name: Weaponized Repulsor Explosive Charge, AKA "Wreckers," AKA "Boom Boom Balls."

Creator/Manufacturer: Manufactured by personal weapons expert on ship.

Affiliation: Baavatia Ruor

Production: Rare ( Rare: 1-3 individuals)

Composition: A small explosive charge, contained within a sphere of small repulsors, colloquially known as a "bouncy ball." Transmission receiver connected to detonator.

Weapon Type: Explosive.

Ammunition Capacity: Single use.

Max Range: Detonation range limited only by range of detonator used. 

Description: Think-tanked by Baavatia and one of her trusted subordinates aboard the weapons lab of her command ship, these small explosive weapons are an entertaining way to pass time- or bring your enemies to passing. Thought up when Baavatia saw some troops bouncing a ball back and forth across a cargo bay and performing trick shots with it, the woman went to one of her armorers aboard her ship and ordered up designs for a functional explosive weapon that is able to bounce around corners. Her vision was a weapon that could be utilized to take enemies unawares in the confine of a ship during bordering procedures, with the added benefit of providing minor entertainment value.

The repulsors are designed to bounce the object a maximum of three times before going inert again, at which point they remain primed for detonation but become little more than a chunk of metal and parts unless the repulsors are re-activated. Activation is as simple as depressing two specific panels of the sphere whose hexagon is bordered in gold rather than silver.

The initial blast radius of the explosive charge and subsequent power cell detonation is a small but powerful 6" radius, or 1' diameter. It is enough to remove extremities that may be holding the charge, or damage the armor of one nearby.
The secondary blast radius, that of the shrapnel made up of the metals and materials that go into crafting this weapon, is a much larger area. Largely it depends on atmospheric density and local terrain/obstructions. In a standard atmosphere, the shrapnel can fly for up to 2' with lethal force, and an additional 3' with reduced effectiveness. Without the interference of atmosphere or gravity, the range of the shrapnel is "indefinite."

As a weapon it is not only highly illegal, it is also immoral. It is a maiming weapon, meant to induce fear and pain in the enemy and cause a breaking of formation and rank in organized defenses.
As a toy, it is about as fun as throwing a rubber ball around, with the extra benefit that this one makes a noise which has been described as "A really cool woo-woo-woo-woo-woo sound."

Disguised Use (This weapon may take people by surprise as it seems little more than a toy at first.)
Collateral Damage (The explosive charge itself is only a portion of this weapon's danger. The real threat comes in the form of the secondary explosion of the repulsor power cell, as well as the shrapnel created when the weapon explodes. This can lead to immediate death in its initial blast radius, and slow crippling death without immediate medical treatment in the surrounding area.)
Primed (The weapon must be primed/activated before it can be detonated, to prevent accidental mass detonation.)
Fear Monger (The weapon does more to scare than to kill, but can take the life of those caught unawares or who are too careless. The lacerating shrapnel and bright deafening explosion of the power cell do much to scare and rout enemies, making them easier to pick off.)

Jammed (The signal to detonate can be jammed.)
Hijacked Signal (The signal to detonate can be accidentally sent by other sources, setting off any primed spheres.)
Detonator (The weapon cannot function without a detonator, so if it is lost or damaged, the weapons become little more than fun bludgeons.)
Small Yield (The weapon is not good at destroying reinforced cover or damaging structures, and is useless against most entrenched enemies.)
God Damned Physics (The weapon does not defy physics, and will bounce where it is meant to bounce. This could cause it to go where not intended, or allow others to throw/knock it a different direction with fast enough reflexes.)
Not Cost Effective (The weapon costs more to produce than it would be worth to mass-produce them for sale to arms dealers or put them to use Faction-wide. They are a private expense of Baavatia, to humor her desire for such a strange and specified weapon, and to give her an edge in very nuanced engagements.
I stamp my approval.. I dont see any issue

@Baavatia Ruor
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