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Technology Creation Guidelines
General Guidelines

1. To use a custom piece of technology it must first be submitted to the Starforge for approval by staff and can't be used in a thread till after its approval.
2. Plagiarism is not allowed and will result in a ban from the Starforge for a week on the first infraction, a month on the second, the third being a full ban. 
3. There are restricted and banned items that have specific requirements before you can use them on a custom creation. 
4. All submissions must fit the themes of Starwars so no Gundams, Transformers, ect...
5. If an image is requested to be taken down, ensure you do so. 
6. Be sure to credit an artists image if you used it in your submission. 

Company Creation Guidelines

1. When creating a company one must pick a Scale showing the operating range of their company. The first is Workshop which means that they are the equivalent of a mom and pop store. Planetary, which across some planets your products and services are known about and are more easily acquired. System-wide your name is out there across many systems, your products renown and your company incredibly successful. Galactic Power, you have as much funding as one could want, in essence you could fund your own army if need be or field an entire fleet if necessary. 

2. You can claim companies from Star Wars lore, just be sure to link them when you submit them for judgment.

3.  To increase the scale in which your company operates one must complete threads showing where their company was involved, or transactions between their companies and Major/Minor Powers. This could even include aiding a faction in an Incursion/Conquest as well. 

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