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Species Creation Template
Species Template:

Species Name: Whats the name of the species?
Home Planet: On which planet did this species originate on? 
Language: What language does the species speak?
Average Height: Whats the average height of the species?
Skin/fur Color: What color skin does the species usually appear in and if it possesses fur what color is the fur?
Breathes:Can it breathe other types of gases than normal or can it not breath specific gases?
Unique Traits: What traits does the species possess (At least two negatives, possibly more if they have a lot of positive traits?)
Population: What is the population of this species? Are they near extinct? 
Lifespan: How long does the species usually live?
Culture: What religious practices does the species have, how do they interact with others? Are there any specific traditions they follow?
History: What important events have taken place involving the species?
Image SRC: If an image was used place the link to the artists page or link to the image itself.

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