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As with all other Roleplay sites there are some general rules that we all need to follow. 

1. Respect your fellow writers; do not harass, antagonize, discriminate, or use any other negative or hostile actions towards another.
2. Do not God Mod or Meta Game (God Modding, in example, is the act of auto hits, while Meta Gaming, in example, is the act of using Out of Character knowledge In Character)
3. The Legends or Expanded Universe is the canon for this forum, Disney's new line of canon is not followed. This does not mean we don't like it, or that some parts of the new canon can not be used, but there is no First Order, Snoke, Rey, or Kylo Ren.
4. You may not kill another writer's character, unless given permission.
5. Committing or promoting any type of illegal activity is prohibited.
6. Plagiarism is prohibited.
7. You may not portray rape, pedophilia, etc. in any form.
8. You may possibly destroy a celestial body (sun, planet, moon, etc.) but PM staff first to ask if its ok. 

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