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Planet Creation Template
Planet Creation Template

Planet Name: What did you name your planet?
Region: What region of space is your planet located? (Deep Core, Unknown Regions, Outer 
Rim, Mid Rim, Core, Deep Core, ect…)
System name: Whats the name of your system.
System Features: What features are there in the system of your planet, how many stars, what type, do they have names? Are there any special moons or asteroids around it? What other planets are in the system?
Climate: What is the typical climate of the planet?
Description: Describe your planet in detail, list out important locations, the type of environmental dangers and other such aspects of it.
Native/Immigrated species: What species live on the planet that were either their naturally or imported there. This includes Fauna and such.
Culture: What is the culture of those that inhabit the planet? This could include typical customs, religious practices, ect…
Government: What type of government presides over this planet?
Technology: Where does the planet sit in comparison to other planets technologically wise?
History: What is the history of this planet? What has it been doing in recent years, what role did it play in Galactic History as a whole?
Image SRC: If an image was used place the link to the artists page or link to the image itself.

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