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Omnicron General Guidelines
General Guidelines

1. To use a created species one must submit it through the Omnicron in the proper section for judgement by staff. 
2. Plagiarism is not allowed and will result in a ban from the Starforge for a week on the first infraction, a month on the second, the third being a full ban. 
(This does not include making worlds or people with cultures similar to real world ones)
3. If a species is blatantly overpowered it will not be accepted, ensure that they are a fair species upon creation. 
4. All submissions must fit the themes of Starwars. 
5. If an image is requested to be taken down, ensure you do so. 
6. Be sure to credit an artists image if you used it in your submission.
7. A location or planet can have a nexus nearby or apart of it but a thread must be done showing the history of the planet or location showing how it came to be that way. 
8. For the NPC template, just like unsubmitted NPCs they can be killed but their chances are a bit better. You can list out equipment they use as long as its reasonable and even create a Master for your character if you wish. Do remember that they are not equal to PCs however. 

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