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Major/Minor Powers
On this site Factions are called "Powers" There being two separate types. Major and Minor Powers. 

Minor Powers:

Minor Powers make up the bulk of the directory, and consist of mostly criminal gangs, ship crews, mercenaries, clans, or even companies. While not nearly as well funded and armed as a Major Power, they do have much more going for them than a lone wolf. Minor Power can possess a small fleet of ships, a sizable military force, and the ability to control a limited amount of planets if large enough. Once a Minor Power begins to really expand beyond this, it starts to move into Major Power classing. 

Major Powers:

Major Powers are not as common as the Minor Powers, but make up much more of the territory owned in the galaxy. They usually consist of empires, alliances, confederations, and other larger groups. These factions are highly funded, and control a great deal of space. Major Powers can have an armada of ships and large armies. Major Powers are the end game for groups as there is nothing larger than these organizations. When a Minor Power becomes a Major Power they will acquire an additional 3 planets within 2 hexes of their territory. 

Each group has their own thread that will become visible once you request to be apart of that power. 

Major/Minor Powers Template
Faction Name: Nightsister Order

Faction Image: [Image: Nightsister_icon.png]

Faction Description: Secluded from all other outside contact, nestled with the depths of Dathomir's unforgiving landscape, lies the Nightsister Order. A clan comprised of dark side witches, the Order is known to be strict and unforgiving, but rewarding in its power to the faithful.

Other Information: Run by a Night-mother, the Nightsister Order is predominantly Dathomirian women. However, if an outsider shows enough promise, they have been known to accept them into their ranks as well (however, men are not well-treated among this matriarchal society). The Nightsister Order is heavily steeped in the dark side, and values their secrets above all else, guarding them jealously.

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