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Kalla's Art Resources
Im abit of a PhotoShop addict so the stuff I make ill post here so you all can Use! Will also upload more of my new work.

Avatar Borders
[Image: YGppwTr.png] [Image: JgMsJ8C.png] [Image: 6S5bpdb.png]
Jedi                                      Hutt                                   Sith

Avatar Artwork Examples
[Image: MInTrsf.png][Image: dMBIDXt.png][Image: 90TLEwP.png][Image: zmJDROI.png][Image: 9Rb1q2O.png][Image: pyZwXaY.png]
[Image: d6q0Ku2.png][Image: YWbEI60.png][Image: 419saFR.png][Image: DfAvVqW.png][Image: 3P6bWxr.png][Image: yhAjxBF.png]
[Image: KBncjEv.png][Image: oXZl4UY.png]

Signature Art Examples: 

[Image: Ooohaahhh.gif]
[Image: 3JTPjWJ.png]
[Image: WX8vmro.png]
[Image: WX8vmro.png]

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