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Iberon Jesaal
[Image: 7fe7d6311b99a971fbf28b0490c6517e.png]
Name: Iberon "Ibe" Jesaal

- Raijin Arashi
- Catelyn Drask
- Sith Order of Venderon

- Hand of the King
- Bodyguard

Ibe was one of the first students Raijin taught after completing his training as a Sith. Currently, he is recognized as the second-strongest Sith in the Order of Venderon, and Catelyn Drask's fiancee.

Age: 220 
FU: Yes; Knight 
Gender: Male
Ibe is a tall, pale, man with red eyes and long black hair. Like his King, he tends towards casual clothing. 

Iberon Jesaal's eyes first opened in a test tube in a lab on Venderon. Like Raijin, he was the product of decades of Rakata experimentation. Unlike his future master, however, Ibe was a genetic mess of mammalian DNA and the Force merged together to create the ultimate Force Hound. Despite the constant oversight of the chief engineer, the hound training did not go well. As a child barely out of the nutrient tank, he killed his handler, prompting a move to isolation. There he stayed, until the fateful day when another crazy experiment got loose and released every prisoner and experiment in the lab.

Decades later, unbeknownst to both people, captive and liberator were reunited as servant and master. Iberon became Raijin's star pupil, serving under him for years, helping conquer the planet and unite it as the Kingdom of Venderon. Finally when the conquest was over, the Knight intended to retire, but instead he was named Hand of the King and brought into Rai's household. There he met Caty Drask, and became an even closer confidant of the King's, and eventually a constant companion on his master's adventures.
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