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Hawkeye-class Republic battlecruiser
[Image: Hawkeye5.png] Creator/Manufacturer:
* Kuat Drive Yards
* Republic
* Uncommon (Republic Navy)
* Alusteel reinforced Framework
* Heavy Durasteel Hull armor
* Standard Particle shielding
* Standard Ray Shielding
Starship Type: 
* Battlecruiser
Starship Modifications: 
* Powerful Armament

Built and designed by the engineering team at KDY, the twelve hundred meter Hawkeye-class is meant to add much needed heavy fire support for battlegroups. The Hawkeye relies on her twelve octuple light turbolaser batteries to lay down volleys of fire in support of other capital ships. Her light secondary armament consists of four heavy laser cannons for use against small capital ships as well as six auto blasters for close fire defense. 
The design called for a ship that could fire most of her weapons in a forward arc leading to a third of the vessels batteried being installed along her axial hull. Two of her port and starboard batteries can also fire into their respective arcs as well as the forward arc giving the ship nearly half of her main armament in the forward and nearly seventy percent to each flanking arcs.
While the shielding of the Hawkeye is standard class ray and particle shielding her armor has been reinforced both externally and internally with Alusteel bracing and armored fire defense bulkheads. 

Strengths & Weaknesses: 
* Powerful Armament - The Hawkeye is designed as a heavy fire support platform hosting several light turbolaser turrets on her dorsal hull
* Heavy armor - The Hawkeye-class has heavy reinforced framework and thick armor plating to protect itself in combat
* Small Hanger - designed for fire support the Hawkeye-class have hangers on each flank. One houses a squadron of fighter craft for scouting and defensive duties. the other houses shuttles and visiting small starcraft
* Poor Maneuverability - The mass of the Hawkeyes added weapons systems makes the maneuverability of the warship much slower than most ships of her class and size. 
* Poor defensive capabilities - The Hawkeye is a fire support platform and therefore has very little defensive armaments making it vulnerable to attack craft and smaller faster capital ships. The Hawkeye must be escorted by other vessels and relies on them for protection. 

IMG Source: Me -model and scene made with 3ds Max. photo edited with photoshop
Source: N/A
A...pproved @Reshmar
[Image: WX8vmro.png]

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