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Faction Guide
The Era that this site takes place in isn’t one commonly known to people so as to make things simpler this guide is here to explain how some things are different than what people are used to. Feel free to offer your own suggestions.


Most factions are the same as what most people are used to, but with slight variations.

Hutt Cartel: The Hutts are as they’ve always been, running a criminal empire, known for having bounty hunters on the payroll and in some ways are more brutal than they were in the OT.

Sith Empire: The Sith Empire is headed by a Dark Lord of the Sith, though currently their numbers are fewer than they usually are. Yet they still strive to climb to the pinnacle of power. This is around the time most of the Sith purebloods followed Vitiate away from Korriban so don’t expect an army of them but there are still dozens left, along with other humans and other races that claimed the title of Sith during the Schism.

Galactic Republic: The Republic acts as it did in the Prequel trilogy except their range of influence is far smaller usually sticking to just the core planets. They are also far more willing to go to war in this era and sometimes even strike first.

Jedi: The biggest departure is that Jedi are not just apart of the Republic in this era, but help entire systems. Some even becoming Watchers over a system where they’ll help in governing the system. They are far more willing to engage in combat than those of the Clone Wars and will actively seek to destroy the Darkside and even stop criminals. Though while they are numerous their numbers are stretched across the galaxy. Different Praxeums and orders are made all following the guide of the Jedi Order overall.

Rakata/Infinite Empire: Most of the Rakata are extinct by this point except those that have returned apart of the sites events. They are a brutal species that will enslave entire populations or even destroy them at a whim. They have technology beyond what most are used to and they are willing to use it.

Mandalorians: The Mandalorians in this era are true warriors seeking the greatest challenge. Some operating as mercenaries but many just as warriors raiding and dominating other worlds even going so far as genocide or taking an entire population as slaves and forcing them to follow their belief system. They are led by a Mandalore, though currently there isn't one.

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