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Call Me? Maybe?
Location: Ord Mantell [Image: Ord_Mantell.jpg?version=54880f269ce234d0...43e7234907]

Arial remained in her booth off to the corner of the cantina. The lighting was just low enough to buy her some concealment from unwanted onlookers. With one hand on her glass of Corellian Ale, and the other on her holopad, the down on her luck bounty Hunter read the listings for the local area. There was nothing appealing, running protection for trading outposts, locating missing family members, hunting down local predators, etc. Having finished yet another disappointing job search, Arial turned her attention to drowning her sorrows in the small glass in her possession. Where did she go wrong? Should she just settle for the low level jobs once again and work her way back up? The thought of trying to build her reputation back up made her feel sick, so she pushed it back down with the remnants of her glass. She rested her head in her hand and pushed the glass to the side. "Ugh...what the hell am I doing." She muttered to herself, sliding her holopad off the table and tucking it into the side pocket of her flightsuit. At least the cantina was light on customers today, at least she'd have some time to think to herself.
Talas smirked to herself, spotting the young woman in the corner slumped over in her booth. She bit her lip and strode on towards  her, maybe there was a conversation to be had her. She brushed a loose lock of hair back into place and slide into the booth so slyly the woman might not even notice her presence. "Gambling debts?" She asked, sitting up in the booth and giving off a more 'approachable' demeanor. "Or a jilted lover perhaps?" The Sith smirked, waving down a waitress to have her order brought over to the new table instead. "I'm sorry, where are my manners? I'm Talas, couldn't help but notice you've been coming here often." She said with a charming smile, hoping to perhaps stir whoever was before her.
Arial glanced up at the sounds of someone approaching, only to find a rather attentive young woman sitting before her. The bounty hunter gave her a glare, as the woman rambled off a list of potential problems she might have been facing. Gambling debts? A lover? Arial was almost offended. Almost. But she could tell this woman was just trying to be pleasant from her tone, and she wasn't bad to look at, so what the hell. Arial gave a slight smile and nodded in respect. "Arial Calvin, and none of that actually. Just...short on work." She said, trailing off with the last statement. "Not one for hunting down livestock, and wrangling in local wildlife. I just want some good old hunting work. Problem is, is that my ride out of here is being worked on, and I haven't the funds to fix her up. So I'm stuck here, and it seems that's the only work I can get." She shook her head. "Guess I'm just being stupid about it and should take the work, huh?" She asked Talas, even though it was an obvious answer.

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