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Adapt to survive
" Next!" The shouts of the Sith battlemasters echoed through atop the Sith Temple and into the Valley of the Dark Lords. All the students were accustomed to end their daily training with a duel. Any student could challenge another, the reward being reputation and prestige. The more one worked up within the Sith the more recognition he could gain. Of course this was only one way to learn the ways of the darkside and gain power, it was also the most popular as well. All the training blades were poised with Pelko bug venom to simulate the effects of lightsaber combat. Its paralytic sting produced a burning sensation for the flesh... Or at-least that was what Vilmor observed. For a being with no flesh the duels were nothing to him. In fact few of the students possessed the strength to even scratch his crystalline body in combat, even so the venom couldn't affect minerals. It made the Gutretee arrogant and rightfully so. 

But there was also the occasional exception or change in weapon choice as well. 

" Vilmor! Come and face me." A large Twi'lek of a man shouted stared directly at the pillar of clothed minerals covered in sand. Wielding a heavy club in one hand he smiled causing his facial tattoos to grimace into a sadistic visage. Adorned in black and grey tunic he waited ready for combat. His name was Raygaer a fine foe to come across when viewed in the culture of the Gutretee ways but a pain to fight for anyone else who crossed him due to one fact. He often "cheated". Low-cunning was a trait the more intelligent Sith respected in Vilmors eyes and so He respected it as well. 

With heavy thumps Vilmor heaved himself up short steps and into the arena. Made of stone and poised in a circular shape he looked at his opponent Raygaer and tilted his head looking at the club. His thoughts quickly ponder if a weapon like that could actually hurt him. With the force it was more than possible. Vilmor glanced at the weapon rack and shook his head negatively, He did not need a weapon this time. 

" No weapon? You are arrogant aren't you?!" Raygaer leaped forward his club held high ready to slam down. Waiting till the last second Vilmor stepped back feeling a glancing blow against his sand covered body. A heavy sweeping kick swung toward the Twi'leks legs, an attack that if it landed might of crushed the mans legs. It did not land. A skip hop over the sandy leg was all it took to avoid. The movement graceful unlike Vilmors. *Crack!* The club made contact with his Crystalline gut causing micro-fractures in the minerals. The vibration from the impact Vilmor could feel surge through shaking him and though there was no pain he understood and could stimulate it in his mind. Grunting the Gutretee rushed forward knocking his foe over onto his back sending him into a slide across the arena. 

Stomping his right foot hard the ground below Vimor shook unnaturally, as if responding to his action. Next his right fist shot forward and then his left only to cross over onto his chest in one swift movement. With a rumble the ground came to life entombing Raygaer before he could fully rise from his knees. Trapped his mind fell into a panic. Mindlessly to swung at the ground that held him in place. " What is this magic?!" He shouted in anger trying to break free. The other students were puzzled as to what just happened but also found the entire scene hilarious. Here Raygaer was helpless to free himself and Vilmor merely watched in amusement. From within the crowd of students a voice shouted.

" Finish him off!" The students smirked looking onward as to what could happen next. Vilmors face was unchanged, he found all of this as a waste of his time. A childish game. 

" That is enough." A sith master said calmly gazing at Vilmor and then to Raygaer half trapped in stone. His eyes narrowing at the structure that entombed his legs. It was marvel to him. 
" This skirmish is over. Both of you return to your masters. Now. You are all dismissed." he commanded. The stone structure crumbled apart freeing Raygaer from its grasp as Vilmor walked away in silence. Raygaers did notice how the club affected Vilmors body during the duel and the reaction it seemed to provoke. This was the first time any of the students had seen first hand Vilmors rumored Earth-shaping abilities. Most regarded it as magic, but only because they did not understand it.
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