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(2nd attempt )Talas Ovarian
[Image: jaina-solo.jpg?itok=JG8w58Du]
Talas Ovarian
Age: 27
Species: Human
Height: 5’8
Weight: 135 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown
 Hair Color: Brown
 Skin Color: White
Markings: Dark Side Corruption around eyes

Faction: Sith Empire
Rank: Sith Apprentice
Force Sensitivity: Yes

Talas was born into a wealthy family on Corellia. Her father and mother were well known Imperial supporters, and she had one younger brother named Adun. She grew up having a close relationship with his little brother, and often protected him from the bullies that lived in their neighborhood. Growing up, she wanted to become a freighter pilot, longing for the freedom that a cockpit could provide for her. At first her parents were less than thrilled, but over time they parent relented. As she was sent away to flight training on Corellia, her father brought the rest of the family along on a business trip to Balmorra. Tragedy struck, when his entire family was reported to have been killed in the accident, which was labeled as a terrorist attack by a rebel splinter group. Enraged, Talas snapped, and unleashed a torrent of force energy as she awakened her force sensitivity. Talas become hardened by the event, as she swiftly finished her training, and used the inheritance from her deceased family to purchase a small freighter; XS stock light freighter. Talas found her way to Korriban not soon after, having heard tales of great power being offered to those who sought it. It was there her conversion to the dark side was finalized. The only thing she still carries with her from her past is an old family picture. She hopes that when her Sith Allies take power, the order they bring will ensure no young girl ever risks losing her family again. Though, she knows in her heart that such a thing is impossible, it feels damn good to be bad.


Talas has been trained in several force techniques, including Force Choke, Force Lightning, Mind Trick, and Telekinetic Powers.
She is also a skilled pilot and cook, with a little bit of talent for a lightsaber as well. She understands Huttese and Binary, and knows her way around a blaster to boot.

Talas prefers to act incognito, dressing herself or disguising her force abilities, and trying to pry what information she can from the locals before moving elsewhere.

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